Marketing a care home has rarely been more challenging. Care home providers find themselves caught between the rock of rising costs and increasing expectations, and the hard place of an increasingly competitive market.

Cutting through the noise to deliver a meaningful brand message can prove difficult, and this is exactly what we set about to do for Carebase.

Carebase campaign image

At the heart of Carebase is a dedication to specialist and tailored person-centred elderly care, ensuring that each individual is provided with the support they need. However, the Carebase brand was failing to communicate these core values values that really set them apart from other providers.

While professional and trustworthy, their brand was lacking a clear and consistent voice, with many elements having been ‘bolted on’ over the years. Refreshing their identity meant going right back to the foundational elements: evaluating and updating the logo, working with a new supporting typeface and overhauling the colour palette to make it modern, fresh and warm.

Carebase styleguide pages
Carebase stationery
Carebase business cards
Carebase letterhead

A new advertising campaign was developed to sit alongside this new positioning. Designed to engage a media-savvy audience of decision makers and potential residents, the striking ads communicate Carebase’s values and understanding that potential residents and their families are looking for truly individually focused care.

The marketing challenge was to ensure we did not alienate a section of the target audience. What appeals to a 50-year old is likely to be different to the preferences of a 75-year old, but both need to engage with the marketing message, without feeling patronised by outdated imagery or prim preconceptions.

Carebase campaign image – father and daughter

Photographer Andy Gallagher captured intimate portraits of individuals against vibrant coloured backgrounds, drawing the campaign in around the focal point of the entire Carebase brand – their residents. The visual language clearly positions Carebase as being people-focussed and professional, but also creative, honest and sensitive, standing them apart from their competitors in how they communicate.

  • Carebase campaign leaflets in various colours
  • Carebase flyer detail
  • Carebase newspaper ad

We have worked closely with Carebase on every detail of this large scale branding project. Carebase is passionate about addressing the need for a significant shift in how we talk to this particular audience – those looking at care options for themselves or loved ones. This is a media savvy group; more so than it is often recognised for, demanding of quality and with high level brand awareness.

Kristen Streten, Creative Director, Design Culture

An engaging, professional and user-friendly website was an essential part of the brand refresh. It is so easy to click between different providers’ websites, if one is out of date, poorly designed, hard to navigate or difficult to read, it can leave a negative first impression that is hard to overturn. We created an informative and modern platform on which Carebase were able to showcase their individuality and commitment to the highest quality of care.

Carebase homepage on macbook
  • Man using Carebase website on ipad
  • Carebase news webpage on ipad

It has been overwhelming to see everything on the new website. I knew it would be good but I wasn’t expecting it to capture, display and cultivate our values and the essence of Carebase to such a powerful and accurate extent.

Rahim Dhanani Carebase