How do you build a brand to reflect both its social ethos and its financial expertise? You start by going back to what lies at its very heart – stripping the brand back and building it up again. 

Truestone campaign image

Truestone Impact Investment Management invest in businesses that can deliver quantifiable social benefits to local communities and environmental benefits. They work to encourage the growth of business environments built on openness, honesty, governance and integrity. 

In building a new identity around an existing logo, we began by stripping the Truestone brand back to its core logo and marque, and looking at how these could be developed.

By using the arrow motif, we were able to create a frame that would draw the eye where we directed it. This ca be used to build up emotional engagement by framing faces in the photography, or draw attention to focal messaging.

Truestone logo
Truestone brand guidelines pages

In pulling the elements together, our discerning target audience was a key consideration. The overall identity needed to appear stylish, high-end, and professional. We achieved this by combining a fresh colour palette and bright photography, with an understated and refined herringbone print.

Truestone colour palette
Truestone brand assets

Like everyone else, I need a design agency that is creative (rarer than you might think), understand brands, can adapt and apply high standards of accuracy, often at short notice. Design Culture is all of these things.

Ritchie MacDonald Marketing Director Truestone Impact Investment Management
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