We are a strategic digital, ecommerce and brand agency that specialises in working with purpose-led organisations to affect change. We help them to tell their story: who they are, what they do and why it matters.

Creating digital solutions and brands that matter

We are a team of strategists, designers, developers, creative thinkers and problem solvers driven by a passion for what we do, who we do it for and the difference it makes to the world around us.

Our passion for digital and brand, the strategic thinking we bring to every project and the technical excellence we deliver means every experience your audience has with your brand is meaningful.

Asking the difficult questions

We spend the time to immerse ourselves in your organisation’s culture and do not shy away from asking difficult questions, challenging the status quo.

Asking the right questions and intently listening to the answers is the most important part of our process to explore ideas, unlock value and innovate. By understanding your strengths, weaknesses and pain points we can craft solutions that solve real problems and deliver tangible benefit.

Compelling brands in the digital space

When delivering complex digital products it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of brand and its significance to your success. In increasingly competitive markets where consumer interests continually shift it is imperative to remain relevant and front of mind.

Compelling brands who are confident in their brand story and proposition are the ones who will succeed in creating trust and relationships with consumers, making lasting connections that equate to repeat purchases and ultimately long term brand loyalty.

Digital brands

Working in partnership

We build lasting relationships with our clients, often becoming an extension of your internal team. Working in close partnership with you to understand the nuance of your products, service and goals.

We’re flexible and collaborative in our approach, working with consultants when there is a need to bring specific expertise to your project.

Our Culture

We’ve built our reputation working with purposeful organisations. We have a passion for using our expertise and experience to make a real difference. It’s what drives us and is at the heart of who we are as a team.

We know that as a studio we’re only as good as the talented and inspirational people who have chosen to work with us and who share our motivation to use their skills in a positive way.

If you want to use your talent working somewhere there is a common goal and where the work you do really matters, then we’d love to hear from you.

Design Culture

Est 2006

Kristen Streten and Steve Wilkins founded Design Culture out of a genuine passion and belief that good design and digital thinking can make a real difference to the world we live in. And out of a desire to work with people and organisations who feel the same about what they do. It’s why we’re fortunate today to work with so many purposeful clients and businesses that are having a positive impact.