Charity & Social

Specialising in the charity and social sectors, we are a strategic design and digital marketing agency that uses design to build an emotional connection between your audience and your cause, changing minds, and ultimately behaviour, for the greater good.

Design that connects

In a broad sense, not-for-profit and commercial marketing have the same objectives: to change the behaviours of their target audience. But the added challenge for charities and social organisations is that they are asking people to take an action or rally behind a movement, for which they will receive nothing tangible in return. We can help you to get across personal and societal benefits that resonate with your audience and spur them into action.

Experts from our four disciplines, strategy, branding, design and digital, work together at each stage of the process to ensure the best possible results for your organisation.

A strategic approach

We begin every project by ensuring that we fully understand your organisation and situation. We question, challenge and unpick the brief. We find the right messages, turn them into big ideas, and then we execute them beautifully and purposefully across digital and offline channels.

Using this process, we have helped our clients in the charity and social sectors to build connections between the public and their cause, increasing their empathy and contribution.

Truestone hero campaign image

Design that’s made a difference

Our experience in the charity and social sector includes designing and developing a new website for Allia’s Future Business Centre, producing the brochure for Save the Children’s National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards, creating the Truestone brand, and rolling out a national campaign for Young Enterprise’s Tenner challenge.

These projects have each had their own challenges, the organisations have held different values, and the target audiences have been widely varied. In each case though, we have used our intelligent design principles to produce an outcome that thrilled our client.

  • The Payroll Giving Team
  • L&Q
  • Save The Children
  • Truestone Impact Investment
  • Geared For Giving
  • Allia The Social Profit Society

If you’d like to discuss how our skills in strategy, branding, design or digital could help you realise your own goals give us a call on 020 7375 6360 or email us.