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Dot Dot Dot’s mission is to help improve lives during a housing crisis, by working with property owners to unlock the potential of their empty buildings. It’s unique in how it create’s social impact and social value through property guardianship, with guardians required to undertake some level of volunteering as part of their agreement.

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Its website was out of date visually and technically, and didn’t reflect the organisation’s strategic positioning or unique selling point in the market. The user experience was less than positive, with complicated and confused user journeys, and being out of date, the site was facing some security issues, so it was time for a complete overhaul.

DDD-Multiple screens
DDD-case study

A primary objective of the new website is to to attract, generate and convert leads. We gathered requirements through user-stories, defining what each user would need from their perspective and used this to shape the site’s architecture, navigation and user journeys.


Overall, the design is modern and fresh. While the brand had visual equity, it could also be limiting in its application. We broadened the palette, adding warmth and bringing about more visual cohesion. Animation is subtle and adds interest, and video plays a key role in communicating the organisation’s purpose and clear benefit, to drive engagement in both audiences.

DDD-mobile screens

Design Culture has created a brilliant new website for us which, after less than a month, is already delivering great results. It's sleek, user-friendly and everyone at Dot Dot Dot has really bought into it. The process of creating a website was made easy with their clear direction and advice - less is definitely more when it comes to content! The design looks great, we've got some new integrations and it's really helped us evolve our brand as well.

Olivia Beckhurst Head of Marketing and Business Development Dot Dot Dot

Key complexities and successes of the project included:

  • A pared back user-led architecture to cater for the two core audiences, designed to attract, generate and convert leads (both client and individual)
  • Brand evolution, bringing warmth into the palette, and assigning colour to the two core audiences to aid user understanding
  • Modular template build delivering full flexibility to client to grow and manage the website in-house
  • Integration of existing and new business systems
    and applications, contributing to efficiency
  • Powerful search and filtering, using Algolia for property listings and Stories & News
  • Digital brand evolution and development
  • SEO optimisation to improve organic search rankings
  • Form building capabilities for in-house management across multiple use cases
  • Live Chat and pop-up functionality with clear calls to action