NHS Patient Surveys

The NHS Patient Survey Programme uses the views and experiences of patients to inform the continual efforts to improve the healthcare services the NHS offers across England.

Working with Picker and the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we designed and built a responsive website that provides healthcare organisations with access to the survey results, the resources they need to carry out new surveys, as well as information to assist any patients who are asked to participate.

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CQC, England’s health watchdog, exists to ensure that healthcare and social care services are consistently safe, effective and of a high quality. The NHS Patient Survey Programme, coordinated by Picker, was established to achieve these objectives through a patient-first approach.

As a hub of information of previous survey results and downloadable resources, the main challenge of the new website was to organise the large number of files so that they could be uploaded and categorised in a clear, straightforward and user-friendly way. To replace the complicated and laborious existing structure, we developed an easy-to-use functionality, allowing the CQC team to upload files in batches and tag them instantly so that they appear in the correct survey section of the website with minimal effort.

It was necessary for the website to be as easy as possible to navigate, with a more logical and condensed user journey to the previous website. As a result, we reduced the primary navigation items to just three areas of interest – one for surveys, one for the data library and one for patients who receive a questionnaire – while making use of the footer to add supplementary links to avoid cluttering up the website.

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The design is clean and simple yet visually attractive with a stronger focus on text over images, underpinning its purpose to be a predominantly functional site that is recognisable, reassuring and instructive for its users.

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  • +33%

    increase in conversion rate (surveys downloads)

  • -51.5%

    decrease in pages viewed per session because information easily be found

  • -9.5%

    decrease in avg. session duration because information can be found quicker

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