Advance HE

Advance HE is the resulting merger of the Equality Challenge Unit, the Higher Education Academy and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. We worked closely with teams from each of the three organisations, with the aim of creating a brand that would encapsulate the combined purpose of the new merger, galvanise members and employees across the board, and stand apart from branding stereotypes in the education sector.

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Advance HE are dedicated to helping shape the future of higher education through transformative development programmes and specialist guidance. Following a series of strategy workshops and our resulting insight report, we discovered what makes them so unique: a collective expertise of multiple areas of higher education and a multifaceted approach to the advancement of the sector.

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We used this insight to establish a brand concept that is based around the idea of people with different perspectives and backgrounds coming together, with a shared purpose of impacting positive change in higher education. The simple visual representation of this concept is two shapes interacting.

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Through bold shapes, colour and typography, we have created a visual language and tone of voice that carries the essence of Advance HE in a clear, confident framework. The gridded pattern is scalable, allowing a flexible yet recognisable identity.

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Following the rebrand, we have worked on a suite of collateral, including a flagship programmes and events prospectus, a culmination of the three merger organisations’ offerings under a new Advance HE structure.

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