We’ve been working with the NHS since 2006. Navigating the organisation’s internal and external channels, ensuring communications reach its diverse audience, has been a strategic challenge – one that we continue to value.

NHS Membership Impact Report Cover

The NHS Confederation is the voice of NHS leadership, a membership body which speaks on behalf of the whole and care system. Our work for the Confederation has been wide ranging, across both digital and print, and includes reports, print collateral, and digital resources and toolkits.

Learning For Life logo; Do Organisation Development logo; NHS Working longer Group logo

NHS Employers is the internal voice of the NHS. Since starting work with the NHS we have produced a yearly Flu Fighter campaign for NHS Employers. We have also produced brand identities for individual programmes and departments, including Learning for Life and Organisational Development, and have designed their annual review.

NHS Learning For Life posters
NHS Finance From the Front infographic
NHS Employers Annual review 2012/2013
NHS cost management brochure
NHS – Linking Pay with Performance toolkit on ipad
NHS – Linking Pay with Performance toolkit on ipad