Newham College

To engage the next generation of college applicants, everything you deliver must have an immediate impact, and stand out from all the other media they’re exposed to every day. To bring Newham College to the forefront of their sector we re-designed their prospectus, appraising their previous content, and strengthening the visual identity to create a cohesive and engaging piece of marketing.

Students in science lab
Newham college prospectus covers

Using strong imagery and bold block colour we refreshed the course pages, pairing detailed information with uplifting statements to create a balance of content and a better user experience.

Intro Page - Football Academy
Course Overview
  • Apprenticeships
  • Case Study
  • Case Study - half page box out

With case studies from existing students forming an important part of the document, we created a variety of ways for them to be included. From full page photographs to half page box-outs, these sections they could be weaved throughout the course listings with maximum efficiency.

Newham College University Centre