RB&HH Specialist Care – Marketing

As the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals offer world-leading procedures and treatments. But while many GPs have previously referred patients to the NHS side of the service, audience insight identified that a large number were unaware they could refer private patients. RB&HH Specialist Care asked us to develop a direct mail piece to specifically target this audience and raise awareness of RB&HH’s private care offer.


Patient talks to nurse in reception area
We worked closely with the Specialist Care team to develop the value story ‘World Leading Private Healthcare: Quickly, Expertly, Conveniently’ that could run across all materials, in print and digital. The direct mail piece combined a personalised letter, consultant directory, overview leaflet and contact card held in a branded envelope for delivery.
An overview of a direct mail pack
A close up of a leaflet
We then developed a hyper-local campaign to boost awareness of the offer among the general public, as well as GPs, in the target areas. We delivered artwork for advertising opportunities that would reach those in the area as well as those commuting to and from London (a large portion of the audience for this campaign). We wrote headlines and copy to emphasise the ease of access there is to fantastic facilities in the area.
Rail station advert
Close up of a leaflet
Newspaper advert
Digital advert on mobile phone
Bus station advert