Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital – Casenotes

‘Casenotes’ is an established professional health journal published by the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital; it provides in-depth news, case studies and insight for medical consultants.

RB&HH Case notes covers

We were tasked with re-designing the magazine and ensuring clear contrast with the recently launched ‘Healthwise’ magazine, also designed by us.

Due to the effective use of layout and space in our design, ‘Casenotes’ is uncluttered and easy to read, whilst still maintaining its own identity. Since its re-launch the readership of the magazine has increased, highlighting the value that our clear and considered design can add to a project.

RB&HH Casenotes case studies
RB&HH Casenotes spread
RB&HH Casenotes – SVGS pages
RB&HH Casenotes inside spread fight against lung cancer
RB&HH Casenotes – page detail
RB&HH Casenotes inside spread Angioplasty
RB&HH Casenotes mitral regurgitation
RB&HH Casenotes inside spread